Saturday, November 6, 2010

A slightest idea of how the poster should look like

I just wanted a design of a fairy tale...prominently in everybody's minds fairies have some good looks.. but what about a poster. Should it look like Wonderland? whatever it is.. here is a small idea of how this movie poster should look like. We are progressing.. Script, story board, Concept art are all on their way..

Starting our voyage of Adventures...

Our team of 15 starts this new voyage.. an adventurous one hopefully, sometimes may fill with joy or sometimes with worries..whatever it is we already set out our voyage.

A voyage of Dreams..A voyage to Dreams..A voyage to Succeed in all the Dreams..

Hopefully one or other day our team will be proud of saying we were sailing in this Voyage of Making "Angelo - India's First Open Movie"

Thanks for all supporters